How To Create an Online Course on Tilda 2023

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11 a.m. EST l 17:00 CET
April 4, Tuesday
Discover an intuitive way to create an online course. No matter if you are a coach, educator, creator, etc. — you'll be able to make it without any previous knowledge. Bring your questions!
During the webinar, you'll discover the possiblities of the new Online Course Builder built into Tilda:
  • Various Types Of Learning Content
    Use different content formats for lectures available in the online course builder: Videos, tests, webinars, articles, etc.
  • Interface Overview: Students' Accounts
    How your students will navigate their personal accounts, switch between classes, and submit their tasks.
  • Homework
    Students complete assignments to practice their skills; course tutors grade papers, assign credits, and communicate with students.
  • Sharing Access To Courses
    How to grant access to learning materials and set up automatic exclusion from the course group if necessary.
  • Organize Learning Process As You Like
    Open access to lectures as students progress through the course, at set times, or make all classes available at all times.
  • Launching Branded Course
    What Tilda Plan to choose, which URL address to set for your course, and other practical/technical aspects.
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April 4, Tuesday | 11 a.m. EST · 17:00 CET
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